Opinions Released 9/14/2017

Case Number Title Opinion Type Case Type
15-31083 USA v. Mark Thompson unpub Direct Criminal
16-31181 USA v. Mark Thompson unpub Non Direct Criminal
16-41384 USA v. James Strouse unpub Non Direct Criminal
16-60485 Oscar Lara-Castillo v. Jefferson Sessions, III unpub Immigration
17-10116 USA v. Francisco Millan-Madrid unpub Direct Criminal
17-20019 Valentina Sheshtawy, et al v. Conservative Club of unpub Private Civil Federal

Texas Supreme Court Enforces Forum-Selection Clause In Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Case Arising From A Shareholder Agreement

In Pinto Tech. Ventures, L.P. v. Sheldon, the Texas Supreme Court held that business tort claims, including breach of fiduciary duty, were subject to a forum-selection clause in a shareholders agreement. No. 16-0007, 2017 WL 2200357, at *9 (Tex. May 19, 2017). The plaintiffs, two shareholders, asserted business tort claims related to the alleged dilution…… Continue Reading