Author threatens Amazon with MONOPOLY Lawsuit over Book Bans

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Dr. Adoni Threatens Amazon


Over Ban on his Books

By Staff of 1 Lawyers

Dr. Adoni has sued many giant companies and even governments in International Courts and has won huge judgments against large companies and the United States.

Now he is targeting the CEO of Amazon and Amazon with a claim that they are a MONOPOLY and have harmed his publishing company due to Amazon BANNING several new books he has released about Time Travel as well as Math and even a new book on Jesus.

247 News on Amazon Ban of Dr. Adoni Books

Amazon has a plethora of Books by Dr. Adoni on their site, however, he claims new books are being BANNED due to the NSA trying to silence any math books he has with his 30 Mod Prime Theory in them.

Is the NSA pressuring Amazon to ban Dr. Adoni books with 30 Mod Prime Theory in them?

Dr. Adoni points to new books on TIME TRAVEL he has written that have his math theories in them that are also BANNED by Amazon.

Dr. Adoni points to a new religious book on the historical Jesus that is nearly 1,000 pages in length and that too was recently banned by Amazon.

In an exclusive interview with 1 LEGAL Dr. Adoni has stated he is in the process of SUING AMAZON and CEO Jeff Bezo’s over their ban on his books claiming that Amazon is such a huge segment of eBook sales they now have MONOPOLY STATUS and such they are subject to damages claims by any publisher or author they are unfairly targeting with censorship or bans.

Dr. Adoni has six cites in the US Supreme Court which is a huge deal amongst lawyers since the USSC rejects over 97% of all filings as not grounded and to have so many cases accepted by the USSC means Dr. Adoni not only KNOWS THE LAW he is one of the foremost experts on it to have successfully filed so many accepted cases in the highest court of the United States.

Lawyer after lawyer has their USSC briefs rejected by the clerk of the court for defective filings, yet Dr. Adoni has managed to have six of his cases stick and be filed in the US Supreme Court.

That alone makes him one of the top legal minds in the world, having so many cases filed and accepted by the clerk of the US Supreme Court.

Is Amazon a Monopoly?

Does that mean if Amazon bans any author’s books or a publisher’s books, they are subject to large claims for damages for loss sales?

Fans of Dr. Adoni are now involved in a flame war in Amazon Forums over the ban of new titles by Dr. Adoni, it appears many users of Amazon’s forums think such blatant and illegal censoring of authors books is no big deal.

It’s a big deal when Amazon is subject to US Laws and International Laws that forbid such blatant discrimination against the written word and also by Monopolies.

Amazon is clearly the dominant distribution channel in eBooks and now they will have to explain in court why they are banning the works of Dr. Adoni with is Time Travel and math formula theories in them as well as his religious work on Jesus.

Dr. Adoni’s site is

The banned books of Dr. Adoni are at




JESUS God? Satan? Or a HOAX?


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