Arizona AG plans to sue Theranos over blood-testing devices

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By Ankur Banerjee and Subrat Patnaik

<span class="articleLocation”>The Arizona Attorney General plans to file a
lawsuit against Theranos Inc over a “long-running scheme of
deceptive acts and misrepresentations” related to the company’s
blood-testing equipment, according to a state bidding document.

The Attorney General’s office is seeking outside counsel in
commencing legal action against Theranos and its closely related
units for violations of the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act,
according to the document.

Theranos declined to comment.

The planned lawsuit is the latest against Theranos, which
had promised quicker results using just one drop of blood.

But concerns over the devices rose after the Wall Street
Journal published a series of articles, starting October 2015,
that suggested the devices were flawed and inaccurate.

Theranos, founded by Elizabeth Holmes in 2003, said last
year it would close its clinical labs and Wellness Centers,
including those in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc sued Theranos in
November, months after the largest U.S. drugstore chain by
stores terminated its relationship with the company.

Theranos, which is also facing a class action lawsuit, is
also being investigated by other federal and state agencies,
including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Arizona’s planned lawsuit would seek civil penalties and
potential injunctive relief, among other things.

The document was posted on the Arizona government’s public
procurement website on Jan. 4.

Theranos is currently working towards commercialization of
its “minilab” product, which can run a broad range of tests on a
single desktop machine.

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