Is Adwords Quality of Legal Leads WAY DOWN?

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Is Adwords Quality of Legal Leads WAY DOWN?

Lawyers have noticed a huge drop in the QUALITY of Legal Leads from the most expensive source in legal marketing, that being Adwords.

Lawyers have noticed a huge increase as well in quality leads from Bing and Yahoo.

Webmasters are noticing an increase in traffic from Bing and Yahoo as well.

Some are saying that Matt Cutts and Google have made the SERPS at Google so irrelevant that people with more education and higher IQ’s are not using Google to search now and have migrated to BIng and Yahoo due to the poor quality of relevant serps now showing all across Google for high value ppc terms.

Legal ppc terms are some of the most valuable cpc terms that Google sells and the huge hits that large legal networks took in recent updates have resulted in ppc managers and others switching large accounts to networks where they get treated better.

Can it be the way Matt Cutts has influenced serps to push garbage social media importance on business networks, has resulted in low grade content on high valued terms so now educated people know you cannot find quality organic serps on google and they now are using bing and yahoo?

There’s even a huge buzz that alternative social media sites like are now the rage with high cost ppc mangers due to the QUALITY of the users of LI.

LI is known to have many lawyers on it’s network, also most business owners are now on LI.

This is why ppc quality of leads from LI may be the rage now among in the know SEM managers.

The cost for legal ads is a fraction on networks other than adwords.

Can it be that lawyers are now paying way too much to Google to hit only consumers and not quality targets like professionals and business owners.

If you need LEGAL LEADS there are a lot of QUALITY LEADS being produced for lawyers without adwords through




Call 855-LEADS01 if your QUALITY of LEGAL LEADS is not from professionals and business owners in your market.

Adwords cannot produce these type of QUALITY LEADS, the reason is Google is where consumers flock, and it appears now that business owners and professionals are now not looking on Google since Google has targeted the content of many business owners by making irrelevant social media pages on page 1 of local business serps.


Short Google Stock is the tip some savvy movers are saying…

It may be the days of Matt Cutts at Google are numbered as well…

Just search some terms and you can see the buzz…

Matt Cutts Fired

Matt Cutts Sucks

Matt Cutts Moron

Adwords Sucks

Google Sucks

There’s a lot of unhappy people who control lots of money being spent on legal ppc and they do not like what Matt Cutts has done to serps by dropping many large legal networks from serps.


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